Mandana Stone

We are bracketed with the top most Red Mandana Stone Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers from Rajasthan (India). We offer a wide assortment of Acid proof Red Mandana Stones that are is used for flooring, paving and other exterior and interior uses. These hard and fine grained stones are processed for chisel splitting and then cut to different size and shapes as per the buyer’s requirements. Additionally, our dark Red Mandana Stones are less expensive in comparison to the AR brick lining. Buy them from us at pocket-friendly prices.

Red mandana stone 

​Mandana stone is used in milk & acid factories,Mandana stone is found in mandana twon of kota district of Rajasthan,
mandanda stone is acid proof sand stone,it`s color red color or chocolate color,Red mandana stone  is avalable in slab sizes and cut to sizes,Red mandana stone is availble both surface natural or one surface table polished other side rough,diamond cut mandana stone is bendless stone tiles,Diamond mandana stone is better than table polished mandana stone,mandana stone acid proof stone, acid proof tiles,mandana stone flooring,Mandana stone is a natural stone, mandana stone is used in outside of house and wall clading,in car parking can used with combination of kota stone,

Mandana stone

Available sizes :                                                                                     Thickness ; 18-30mm
Sizes in inches : 22″x22″, 22″x28″,22″x16″, 22″x5″                  
Sizes in feet. : 2×2, 2×2.5,2×3, 2×4,2×5,2×6,2×3.5,2×4.5

uses- dairy plant,acid factories and farmcautical factories

color – Red

stone type- sand stone

Durability- lifetime

price range – 28/-sq.ft. upto 48/-sq.ft.

Mandana stone type 

1- table polished mandana stone

2- diamond cut mandana stone

3- Rough red mandana stone

4- River finished mandana stone

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