kota stone price list

kota stone price list

kota stone price list — kota stone price start from 8rs./-sq.ft.upto 58rs./-sq.ft. kota stone price depend of stone size,thickness and finishing,Commercial building and chemical factories choose kota stone  because it is non-slippery, non-porous, tough, durable stone and at the same time it is affordable.Kota is also known as Ranikota/Green kota. Every lot has color variation from grey, pink, rich greenish-blue, brown, poison green etc. In garden area rough kota is used on walking path by keeping more distance on grooving, where grass is planted for attractive look.kota stone price is than other flooring natural stone

kota stone 22″x22″

Kota stone price list …………..

size                          thickness                         Rate 

11″x11″                     18-32mm                           8.00rs./-pcs.

22″x11″                     18-32mm                           22.00rs./-pcs.

21″x21″                     18-32mm                           54.00rs./-pcs.

22″x22″                      18-24mm                          16.50rs./-sq.ft.

23″x23″                      18-24mm                          18.00rs./-sq.ft.

2’x3′                           18-24mm                          20.00rs./-sq.ft.

2’x4′                           18-24mm                          23.50rs./-sq.ft.

2×5′                            18-24mm                         29.00rs./-sq.ft.

2’x6′                           25-32mm                          30.00rs./-sq.ft.

​finishing – oneside semi-polished other side rough 

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