kota green

kota green

kota green

We bring forth the finest quality Kota Stone that are widely used in various residential and commercial places. Our exclusive gamut of Kota Stone has meticulous surface, which is best suited on the exterior of the buildings. The Kota Stone manufactured by us is resistive against adverse climate conditions, which makes it popular among the buyers. Kota stone can be easily cleaned, to revive its elegant appearance. We are the renowned manufacturer and exporter of Kota Stone, based in India.

Kota Stone Price per sq.ft. 

kota stone price in Ramganj Mandi

kota stone size & thickness

Kota Stone is available in various sizes : 

Kota Stone slab size in feet :
2X2, 2X2.5 , 2X3, 2X4, 2X4.5, 2X5, 2X5.5, 2X6, 2X7,2X8, 2.5X2.5, 2.5X3, 2.5X4,2.5X5, 2.5X6, 3X3, 3X4,3X5,3X6,3X7,

Kota Stone machine cut tiles size in inch :
22“X22“, 23“X23“, 22“X28“, 22“X9“, 22“X10“, 22“X11“, 22“X14“, 22“X15“, 22“X16“, 17“X23“, 11“X11`, 10“X10“, 9“X9“, 8“X8“

Kota Stone skirting size in inch :
22“X4“, 22“X5“, 17“X4“, 17“X5“,

Kota Stone size in centimeter :
30X30, 30X60, 60X40, 40X40, 60X60, 56X56, 60X90, 60X120, 60X150

Green kota stone

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